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Palm Bay, FL: “Food Truck Wars” Coming To Palm Bay BCC

The event brings a variety of food choices from Thai and Mexican dishes to lobster and everything in between. There will also be a variety of desert choices available.

Manhattan, NY: A Bid to Make Peace in the Food Truck Wars

Restaurants are often the first to complain when food trucks move in. But the trucks have also been on shaky legal ground since a judge ruled in 2011 that they cannot idle in metered parking spaces.

Seattle, WA: Seattle Met’s First Look – Seattle Street Food Festival

A major street food gathering is coming to Cal Anderson Park this summer, courtesy of Ryan Reiter, the guy behind the Mobile Food Rodeo food truck gatherings.

Monmouth, NJ: Jersey Shore Food Truck Wars – Popular event returns to Monmouth Park...

Jersey Shore Food Truck Wars is one of three Star-Ledger-sponsored events at Monmouth Park this summer.

Huntsville, AL: Food Fighters Bustaurant: Huntsville Food Truck’s Cooking, Ingredients and Concepts are Happening,...

Food Fighters is a converted yellow International school bus with Texas plates. On this afternoon it was parked in the Huntsville Hospital Logistics Building parking lot, about a mile from Bridge Street Town Centre.

Charlotte, NC: Food Fight for Charity

Our team doesn’t do little fundraisers. We like to stay active in the community with big events. I thought it would be great to have an event where all the food trucks could get together, but also do a cross-marketing thing for people who want to fight cancer

Gainesville, FL: Second Food Truck Rally Goes More Smoothly

Ten trucks set up shop at the rally, up from six at the first event

Seminole, MI: Food Truck Wars Back, to Continue Mobile Trend

It's a less expensive way for people to enjoy eating out. It's helping the economy by virtue of the fact that it's an inexpensive way for people to create a business.

Minneapolis, MN: Food Truck Wars? Minneapolis Brick and Mortar Restaurants Ask Food Trucks to...

Food truck wars, lunch wars, skyway vs. food trucks — the conflict between the brick and mortar restaurants in downtown Minneapolis and the growing population of food trucks has bred plenty of euphemisms, but essentially the situation comes down to a question of turf.