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Greenville, SC: Greenville Humane Society to Host Concert for People, Dogs

The Upstate is about to rock and roll on Saturday with a huge concert to support the Greenville Humane Society.

Gainesville, FL: Food Truck Rally Now Offers Options for Pets to Dine Alongside Owners

A new addition to the food truck scene made tails wag atHigh Dive on Saturday. Earth Pets Treat Truck, which caters specifically to canine companions, made its High Dive rally debut alongside other vendors.

Airdrie, CAN: Every Dog has its Day with New Food Truck

The mobile dog food unit is just like a food truck for human's with a walk-up window to place orders - in this case of SO GOOD! free samples of the dog food - but with the added bonus of a cafe area where owners can sit and chat, and lots of dog-friendly activities.

National News: Food Trucks for Dogs – A New Trend

Food trucks have become extremely popular in the last decade. Now, a new trend is on the rise – the food truck for dogs! That’s right, while strolling at the beach or dog park, you may find a doggie food truck offering fresh, natural treats for your pet.

National News: Food Trucks for Your Pup!

Food trucks are one of the hottest culinary trends, but they’re not just for people. Turns out, food trucks for dogs are being unleashed across the country — and for good reason.

National News: Doggie Food Truck Trend Refuses to Die

Rachael Ray even launched her own doggie food truck to promote her eye-rollingly named Nutrish dog food — we had our pup correspondent comment last fall.

New York, NY: Celebrity Chef Food Trucks for Dogs

Local New York celebrity Chef Rocco DiSpirito and Chef Michael’s have teamed up to create a food truck—for dogs.