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Moscow, RU: Street Food Mania Takes Over Moscow

New kinds of street food have started to appear on the Moscow scene. Many venues, from parks to ice rinks, are now filled with stalls selling pine-tree juice and red wine cockerel.

Cincinnati, OH: More Food Trucks Headed to Fountain Square

Cincinnati City Council today approved a plan to create new areas for mobile food trucks

Cincinnati: 3CDC Clarifies Stance on Square Food Vendors

"We are not ending food service on the square," Munitz said.

Cincinnati: Foodquest – Taco Azul & Servatii Yogurt

Taco Azul was parking on Court St. , Downtown’s food court. Lots of choices here, including two food trucks.

Duos: Mobile Kitchen Doing Slow Food Fast

There is an influx of new mobile food trucks that are offering food that could compete with some of the best restaurants.