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Variety of Food Trucks Find Fans Among Hungry Clintonville, OH Residents

Clintonville is great place for food trucks because of the residents.

Food Truck to Move; Overnight Parking Breaks Rule

City code enforcement receives several complaints every month about food trucks parked overnight

Sacramento: Mobile Food Truck Petition Presented to City Council

A petition signed by more than 3,700 fans of food trucks was presented at Thursday night's City Council meeting.

LaBonge: The “La” Doesn’t Stand for “Los Angeles” & Either Does “LaBonge”!

DOT Officer (guys who write tickets) was instructed by his superiors to "throw the book" at you, the mobile food operator.

New SF Food Truck Rules Aim to Ease Vendor Process

By Jessica Kwong | Staff Writer | Chronicle The food truck phenomenon has hit San Francisco full force it seems. And starting next month, the city...

Stolen Southeast Portland Food Cart Found Damaged

Between Sunday night and Monday morning, thieves broke into SE Division's (secure) A La Carts pod and made off with a 16-foot-long, $30,000 custom food truck.