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Regina, CAN: Taste Regina – Fried Chicken and Waffles Roost in Downtown Regina Food...

A graduate of the culinary program at Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, Rogers works full time as a Canada Post letter carrier. Currently on leave from delivering mail, he said he has always felt a strong calling to be a chef.

New York, NY: NYSF First Look – Traditional Chinese Food

Everything on the menu was in both Chinese and English, but we made the rookie mistake of thinking the English words were first and the Chinese words were underneath, when in fact the opposite was true. The English words were underneath the Chinese words.

New York, NYC: Second Baba Ghanouge Opens On Fulton St.

There’s always room for one more, and maybe if you sniff real hard you will be able to smell fried chicken from the previous inhabitant of Baba Ghanouge’s space.

San Francisco, CA: Food Truck Bite of the Week – Headbanging to Fryin’ Maiden...

The truck is the domain of Shellie Kitchen (possibly not her real name) who earned her chops in culinary school and working on line in fine dining restaurants after quitting her corporate day job.

New York, NYC: Street Eats: New Fish & Chicken Tacos from Kimchi Taco Truck

Kimchi Taco Truck started 2013 with two new tacos yesterday – fried fish and fried chicken. They also brought out Big Belly Burritos to replace the Kim-Cheesesteak, but that’s for another day.

Keep On Truckin’: The Rice Box

Chinese flavors - General Tso's, Sesame Chicken, etc. - hits a comfort food nerve

Questlove Calls Fried Chicken ‘the New Cupcake’

Quest has a dream of owning a fleet of soul-food trucks

Tyler Florence Is Probably Not Really Doing a Food Truck

He has no immediate plans to launch said truck.

Philly: Night Market #4 Slated For Chinatown, Oct. 6th

This edition will feature food trucks you’ve never seen before