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School Cafeteria’s Fruits & Vegetables Vie With Food Trucks’ Sweet & Salty Treats

Edgar buys his daily lunch from the snack food trucks that park during lunchtime just down the street from the school.

New Haven, CT: A New Food Truck — This One’s FREE!

The New Haven Public Schools food truck, the first of its kind in Conn.

Fresh Fruit & Ripe Vegetables Coming Soon To the Neighborhoods of NYC!

Mayor Michael Bloomberg recently signed legislation that is going to bring a different kind of cart to the Neighborhoods of New York City.

Food Desert Solution: Mobile Supermarkets

Now there’s a building momentum around mobile supermarkets that can tackle the country's food deserts.

Twin Cities: Commercial Kitchen Space at MGM for Food Trucks and Others

This weekend, Midtown Global Market unveils its Kitchen in the Market (KITM), a shared commercial kitchen for professional chefs, caterers, food trucks and food manufacturers.

Vancouver: Expanded Street Food Program Brings More Options

Vancouverites will soon have even more choices when it comes to street-food options, as the City calls for applications to its expanded food cart program.

Cuisine Truck to Cater to Wineries

Briggs will use a mobile kitchen to cook and serve locally grown food. Why mobile? Because she plans to cater to visitors to the Lompoc Wine Ghetto, other wineries throughout Santa Barbara County and other regional businesses, as well.

Chicago: Rahm Would OK Mobile Food Trucks that Restaurants Oppose

“I actually lean towards allowing” rolling restaurants, Emanuel said.