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Ft. Worth, TX: Clearfork Food Park Preparing to open in Fort Worth

Park operators plan to be open for lunch and dinner, seven days a week with six to eight trucks on weekdays and the ability to support up to 12 for special events.

Ft. Worth, TX: Food Trucks Pull up for Stage West Open Day

Hundreds of hungry people tucked into some gourmet food truck fare at an open day for the Stage West theatre today.

Ft. Worth, TX : Food Truck Closings in DFW: What’s Going On?

There have been approximately 85 gourmet trucks that have rolled, somewhere in the Metroplex

Ft. Worth, TX: Shady Fort Worth Food Truck Exposed

Food trucks are all required to park at a commissary overnight, where they're thoroughly scrubbed down and cleaned—and can dispose of their waste properly and safely—but the city of Fort Worth merely requires trucks to visit a commissary once a day, and some of the mobile eateries aren't even doing that.

Dallas, TX: Investigation Exposes Concerns About Fort Worth Food Truck Regulations

Fort Worth requires its food trucks to visit a commissary each day but does not make them stay overnight. News 8 followed five food trucks after closing time and found none went to a commissary.

Fort Worth, TX: Top Chef Tim Love debuts Big Purple Food Truck on TCU...

The food is based on dishes from Love’s restaurants, the Woodshed, the Love Shack, and the Lonesome Dove Café, he said.

Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX: New Faces Enter Trendy Food Truck Business in North Texas

The scene exploded after Dallas began allowing food trucks in July 2011

Dallas, TX: New DFW Food Trucks Rolling in October

DFW has or will add 10 new food trucks to the streets