Tag: fusion cuisine

Orange County: Lunch Comes to Patrons

Food trucks offer unconventional options Thursdays at OC Fairgrounds.

Dallas: What the Truck?

Food trucks hit the streets of Dallas

The St. Louis Food Truck Guide

Food Truck presence in St. Louis has blown up like metal in a microwave

Angelinos Endorse Boston’s Food Truck Business

When Boston City turns to Morris Appel & Josh Hiller

Korean Food USA: Bob & Jo Korean Fusion Truck

Korean food trucks are not a exactly a new phenomenon, but the latest to join the ranks offers some serious competition......

SF: Grandma’s Secret Fried-Chicken Recipe Reappears on Hawaiian-Chinese Food Truck

Kong’s food truck, called "IZ IT," is a fusion of Chinese and Hawaiian food, and he says his secret weapon is his family's secret recipe for fried chicken.

Backstage with Chairman Bao: Working the Lunch Shift Inside a Gourmet Food Truck

The truck is operated by Mobi Munch, a San Francisco-based startup that hopes to put hundreds mobile food trucks on the streets nationwide.

San Mateo: Gourmet Food on the Go

The food truck, along with several others in the same parking lot, caters to the lunch crowd from local businesses. The Chilean-Italian fusion cuisine draws a mixed group, everyone from older white-collared businessmen to young professionals.