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Calgary, CAN: Deep-Fried Bubble Gum? Calgary Stampede’s List of New, Sometimes Bizarre, Midway Foods...

Bacon is a big theme this year. One of the signature dishes is the double bacon corn dog, which wraps the salty meat around a wiener before it is deep fried and served with maple syrup and even more bacon.

Brooklyn, NY: The Loading Dock – Identity, Collateral, Packaging, Signage & Vehicle Graphics

Design work for a food truck/art gallery located at the foot of the Manhattan Bridge in Brooklyn.

Nashville, TN: It’s Art — and Food Trucks — After Hours and on the...

One spot, Cumberland Gallery in Green Hills, is making it an all-local night by featuring works by local artists and local food brought right to the door.


Check out photos of AMERICA’S NEXT GREAT RESTAURANT “Truck Stop” Episode 6 which airs Sunday April 10 at 8pm on NBC.

Gourmet Food Trucks Featured in OCEA Newsletter

On December 3, five food trucks: @Piaggioonwheels, @Crepesbonaparte, @shortstopbbq, @tropshaveice & @doschinos were at Orange County Employee Association (OCEA) to help with a food drive. If the photos are not clear, try www.oceamember.org

Vendor Power’s Illustrated Guide to Street Vending in New York City

The Street Vendor Project developed "Vendor Power," a graphic guide to selling on the streets of New York City.