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Here are Some Louisville Food Trucks Worth Following Around Town

These food trucks seem to understand what it takes to really promote a mobile food movement in the city.

Brewer’s Pic-NYC | Food Trucks on Governors Island

We dropped by on Sunday to grab a few beers and some snacks from some of our favorite summertime food trucks.

Mobile Food Businesses Making Gains in Southern Indiana

In Southern Indiana, customers are lining up for lunches served not from brick-and-mortar buildings but carts, trailers and trucks.

Hamilton, ONT: Food Truck Fever

This feisty city of 500,000 is poised to welcome two trailblazing food trucks dishing out gourmet cupcakes and grilled cheese sandwiches.

Hamilton, Ont: Comfort Food by the Truckload

Graeme Smith got a perfect score on the restaurant mockup project when he was studying at Hamilton’s Liaison College.

Toronto, CAN: Sweet Ride

It’s the Cupcake Diner, and it’s the latest addition to an upscale food truck craze that has been sweeping North America for more than two years now, and has finally reached this city.

Charlotte: Food Trucks Are Ready To Roll

Has the food truck phenomenon finally rolled in to Charlotte? You can check it out tonight at 5, in the parking lot on 7th Street across from Seventh Street Station, at the Chow Down Uptown Food Truck Rally.

Milwaukee: It’s food on the Move During Tosa’s Mobile Days

Food trucks selling dishes from crepes to grilled cheese sandwiches will set up shop in the parking lot of the Crowne Plaza hotel to serve lunch to hungry workers.

Stony Brook, NY: Food Truck Has Everything But a Theme Song

“We’ve had a big response, with lots of repeat customers,” Cardello said, referring to the truck’s grand opening on campus.

Keep on Truckin’! Food Vendors Will Fill Grand Army Plaza on May 22

As many as two dozen food trucks will invade Grand Army Plaza on May 22 with gourmet lobsters, dumplings, souvlaki, grilled cheese sandwiches — and that’s just the savory treats.