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New York, NY: Food Truck Roll Call – 5/13/2013

Happy Monday! Enjoy a fresh-made lunch on-the-go today.
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New York, NYC: Grub on the Go – NYC’s Best Food Trucks

I can safely say without bias (ok, maybe there’s a little bias) that the New York City dining experience is a glorious, glorious thing. It’s all about flavor, variety and catering to a city of people who, native or visiting, are always on the go. Enter the food truck.

Boston, MA: Someone’s Trying to Eat at Every Food Truck on City Hall Plaza,...

Savory Food Truck, a "serious old school Boston Food truck business.

Food Truck Company Serves Up Freedom for Owner

Lee realizes that for the first time in his adult life, he enjoys going to work.

More Under the (Food Truck) Hood

Mobile food trucks are the latest micro business model sprouting up in urban centers across the country

Denver: A New Pod of Food Trucks Will Gather Wednesdays Near Denver Urban Homesteading

Everyone was super-responsive about wanting to continue the food truck community

About The Bay: Food Truck Fight In Oakland

Oakland restaurants & the mobile vendors are locked in a real-life food fight for survival.

The Horror! Sizzler, Shakey’s, Poquito Mas, and Koo Koo Roo Will Soon Start Trucking

"10% of the top 200 chains will have trucks on the road within the next 24 months."

NYC: Track Food Trucks With GPS, Councilwoman Says

Real-Time Data to track the exact location of every mobile food vendor.