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Catonsville, MD: Get into Gyro with Ariana Kabob Grill

Cook Sadiqullah Sayeedi says its most popular menu item is the chicken kabob.

Stillwater, OK: Food Trucks Bring Unique Cuisine to Stillwater

If Austin is the Mecca of food trucks, then Stillwater is probably the Sahara.

Philly, PA: Perfectly Competitive Food Trucks

Owners have complete control over their selection, preparation and promotions.

Rochester Cook Serves Up Meals on Wheels

He likes to cook Middle Eastern and African food, so that's what is on the menu.

Wilkes-Barre, PA: The Other on Wheels

These wandering wagons are quickly becoming a fixture in Northeastern Pennsylvania neighborhoods.


Notis Vavlas, the Greek proprietor of Notis the Gyro King food truck, will serve you with a smile, and sometimes a song.

Downtown LA Challenge: In the Food Truck Trenches

I was practically throwing food out the window while the world’s fastest cook was piling lunches in front of me.

Small Restaurants Take a Hit From Food Trucks

In the same commercial center, Jamboree Promenade, the Subway manager says they definitely notice a drop in business on Wednesdays when food trucks park across the street in a vacant parking lot.