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Hamilton, CAN: Gorilla Cheese is taking a grilling

Gorilla Cheese food truck owner Graeme Smith understands some people don't see why he's seeking crowdfunding for a permanent location.

Hamilton, CAN: Food trucks not too hungry for spots in city parks

The only other change recommended is the addition of "Rain Days" — if a food truck is unlucky enough to choose a permit for a day that turns out to have "adverse weather," city staff will allow them to apply that permit to another day.

Hamilton, CAN: Sew Hungry – The Town That Ate Everything

Thousands of people are heading to Hamilton's Ottawa Street to eat at one of dozens of food trucks and curbside restaurant spots.

Hamilton, ONT: A Food Rally on Forty Wheels

Sew Hungry was a rally of 10 food trucks from around southern Ontario

Kimchi on Wheels: Food Truck Trend Gears Up in Canada

Just as the craze is beginning to wane in the United States, the food-truck trend is revving up in Canada.

Hamilton, ONT: Food Truck Fever

This feisty city of 500,000 is poised to welcome two trailblazing food trucks dishing out gourmet cupcakes and grilled cheese sandwiches.

Hamilton, Ont: Comfort Food by the Truckload

Graeme Smith got a perfect score on the restaurant mockup project when he was studying at Hamilton’s Liaison College.