Tag: Health

San Diego, CA: Food Trucks Could Undergo New Health Inspections

The mobile food operation inspections may be the same as restaurants.

Memphis, TN: Shelby County Commission Panel to Consider Food Truck Ordinance

Memphis City Council voted to allow businesses to use trucks within city limits

Abilene, TX: Mobile Food Vendors Revving Up

City had permitted 19 mobile food vendors this year

NYC: Officials Look to Regulate Food Trucks

"When you approve something, you should have to put down a proposed location.”

Toronto, CAN – U of T Food Truck Diversity Lags Behind City

A Toronto-wide initiative to diversify food truck options has been in full swing in recent months

Detroit: Concrete Cuisine Owners Enjoy Food Truck Business

So you think you'd like to open a food truck....

Coconut Grove, FL: Food Trucks Converge on Bank

Coconut Grove Bank held a food truck event at its headquarters

NYC: Food Truck Crackdown Accelerates With New Restrictions

We heard the rumblings of some new legislation designed to curb the spread of mobile food vendors