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Huntsville, AL: Huntsville Cconsiders Allowing Food Trucks in Research Park

Research Park has faced recent criticism for strict zoning regulations, but the City of Huntsville may look at a zoning ordinance amendment which would allow mobile food vending units and sites in the Research Park District.

Hunstville, AL: Food Ttrucks Compete in NICU Organization Fundraiser

Four food trucks competed for the best eats title at AM Booth’s Lumberyard downtown.

Huntsville, Al: I Love Bacon’s Josh Patrick – 3 items Huntsville Food Truck Co-Owner...

I Love Bacon began rolling in mid-April. Patrick and Hill decided on a bacon-themed because it was different than other food truck concepts in this market, it's Hill's favorite ingredient

Redstone Arsenal, AL: Food Truck Fest Off to a Good Start

Food Truck Fest is underway at Redstone Arsenal and people are turning put en masse. Marshall Space Flight Center’s Exchange organized the week-long event.

Huntsville, AL: Food Truck Operators get Approval for 7-day Schedule

Thursday night, the city council approved an ordinance that allows them to operate seven days a week.

Huntsville, AL: Food Truck Operators Ready to Roll for 7-day Schedule

There are a few conditions vendors would have to follow under the new proposal. Food trucks cannot be parked within 100 feet of any restaurant entrance, and vendors must make restrooms available within 500 feet of the truck.

Huntsville, AL: Food Trucks Arriving in Downtown Huntsville

Three weeks ago, the Huntsville City Council approved an ordinance that allows food trucks to park in designated spots downtown, but the trucks will only be allowed to park there at night.

Huntsville, AL: Food Fighters Bustaurant: Huntsville Food Truck’s Cooking, Ingredients and Concepts are Happening,...

Food Fighters is a converted yellow International school bus with Texas plates. On this afternoon it was parked in the Huntsville Hospital Logistics Building parking lot, about a mile from Bridge Street Town Centre.

Hunstville, AL: Badd Newz BBQ – Huntsville Food Truck is Good News for Alabama...

The mac-and-cheese was solid, but the vinegar slaw, which was sweet and chunky, was exceptional and provided perfect counterpoint to the spicy meat.

Hunstville, TX: Fat Boys Offers Same Tasty Meals Out of Food Truck

Haralson prefers the food truck atmosphere not only for the flexibility but because it provides a different community feel not available from the former restaurant.