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Catonsville, MD: Get into Gyro with Ariana Kabob Grill

Cook Sadiqullah Sayeedi says its most popular menu item is the chicken kabob.

Cleveland, OH: Local Food Truck Chef to Add Second Rig

We want to keep things local, so we are currently sourcing a brand that is local to Cleveland to provide us with hard packed ice cream

Shreveport, LA: It’s the Law – Operating ice cream trucks in Shreveport

Shreveport’s few ice cream trucks operate without a lot of special consideration from local government.

National News: Food Trucks for Dogs – A New Trend

Food trucks have become extremely popular in the last decade. Now, a new trend is on the rise – the food truck for dogs! That’s right, while strolling at the beach or dog park, you may find a doggie food truck offering fresh, natural treats for your pet.

Chicago, IL: Best Food Trucks At The Taste of Chicago

The city may have an aversion to food trucks occasionally, but alas they have been officially allowed into the Taste of Chicago this year. On one condition. They will be available at night during the nightly concerts only

Lexington, KY: Food Trucks Find A Permanent Place to Park

Made popular on the streets of Lexington as mobile food merchants, a number of Lexington vendors have found a permanent place to park their trucks and sell their food.

National News: 4 Outrageous Food Truck Names

When naming a business, most people believe that the name should say it all. In the case of some food trucks, though, we sincerely hope that these names don't.

Mint Hill, NC: Mint Hill Ice Cream Truck Nationally Recognized

The truck itself was made in England specifically for soft-serve ice cream, an old tradition in England, but a fairly new one here, and the Sticks and Cones truck is the only one in the state of North Carolina.

Manchester, UK: Word of Mouth – Ginger’s Comfort Emporium, Ice Cream for Grown-Ups

Claire Kelsey wanted her own business so she bought an ice cream van – then learnt to make ice cream.

Sacramento, CA: A Snapshot Look into the Hottest Jobs in Sacramento

Blanton, a co-owner of the food truck, said he and the rest of the crew don't mind the high temperatures. "We're all from the Sacramento area, so we're all used to the heat,"