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Indianapolis, IN: ‘Edibles’ Team Returns with Moveable Feast

“We’re able to make whatever we want, when we want, and go out when we want,” said Becky

Mobile Lunch Trucks in Indianapolis: Breaking the Monotony of Fast Food

A rapidly expanding fleet of varied and very competitive mobile lunch trucks in Indianapolis is providing new adventures in midday dining.

Dining: Scratch Street Food [video]

Chef Matt Kornmeyer launched his "modern mobile comfort food," a foodie spin on the classics to the streets of Indianapolis.

Indy Taco Truck Business Rolling Into Other Cities

West Coast Tacos began making waves in Indianapolis last June, when it started selling tortilla-based fare from a modified delivery truck in a Broad Ripple parking lot.

Indianapolis, IN: Two New Mobile Kitchens Have Hit Indy Streets

Mobile kitchens are where it's at, wherever they wanna be. Two new ones have hit the streets.

Mobile Food Businesses Making Gains in Southern Indiana

In Southern Indiana, customers are lining up for lunches served not from brick-and-mortar buildings but carts, trailers and trucks.

Indianapolis: Food Incubator Receives Funding

We are working with caterers, bakers and even food truck owners who all share the common goal of wanting to see their businesses grow," said owner Linda Gilkerson.

Duos: Mobile Kitchen Doing Slow Food Fast

There is an influx of new mobile food trucks that are offering food that could compete with some of the best restaurants.

Mobile Food is the Big Trend in Indy This Year

So what do local foodies expect to see in Indy in the coming year... FOOD TRUCKS!