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Washington, DC: As the Upstart Food Truck Industry Matures, Where is D.C.’s Mobile Lunch...

It’s a common narrative, and a popular one, in the food truck industry. Call it the creation myth of the District’s mobile food vendors: Plucky innovators short on capital abandon the tedium of desk jobs and the restrictions of traditional restaurants to peddle their creations to the District’s business-casual-clad lunch crowds.

Chippewa County, WI: Chippewa Falls City Council Imposes Food Truck Moratorium

Vending food trucks are a growing industry nationwide, but the Chippewa Falls City Council wants more information before allowing trucks to set up shop in the city.

National News: Food Trucks Incorporate Local Produce Into Offerings

Food trucks seem to be everywhere these days and their popularity has increased exponentially in recent years, dotting the U.S. landscape from Austin, TX, to Boulder, CO, to Cleveland, OH, and everywhere in between.

Danbury, CT: Get toKnow The Green Grunion

Food trucks are becoming more and more popular in the food industry these days, and The Green Grunion has brought this trend to Danbury

Adelaide, AUS: Restaurants Push Food Truck Crackdown

Mobile food vans also weren’t subjected to the same regulatory framework as “bricks and mortar” businesses, and this needed to change.

Calgary, CAN: Calgary’s Food Trucks Get Endorsement of Council Committee with Some Rule Changes

The idea was it would be so much more than just a concession on the street, it was more about creating a long term legacy of what Calgary is and how progressive we are and the great things we’re doing in the community and to add vibrancy to the area

National News: US Food Truck Sales Expected To Quadruple By 2017

With lower startup costs and less fixed overhead, the barriers to entry are significantly lower for food trucks than for brick-and-mortar restaurants.

National News: Why fFast Food Restaurants Should Worry About Food Trucks

The top reasons consumers gave for using food trucks related to availability of “interesting” foods and convenience, which are the traditional strengths of QSR [quick service restaurants] outlets, according to NPD. Since the top foods typically offered by food trucks are hot sandwiches, Mexican foods, cold sandwiches, and soups, Mexican and sandwich QSR places may view food trucks as more direct competition than other restaurant categories.

York, PA: Foodstruck, York’s First Food Truck Block Party, Planned for Oct. 11

Food trucks have been all the rage in the food industry during the past few years. The restaurants on wheels — which usually pack plenty of style with funky names and unconventional eats — have become mainstays in big cities.

National News: Los Angeles Is The Model For Food-Truck Freedom, Washington, D.C. Is Protectionist...

Thankfully, citizens and food-truck operators themselves didn’t stand for this. Widespread and vocal community activism forced the City Council of the District of Columbia to reconsider the proposed regulations.