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Information on insurance companies and policies specifically deigned for the Mobile Food Industry.

Sacramento, CA: First Step in Food Truck Talks Taken

The future of mobile food trucks in Sacramento was discussed Monday night.

Food Truck Safety Tips: Refill Propane Tanks Safely

Summer is fast approaching, so it’s a good time to review your safety practices for propane tank refill and distribution.

‘MFVInsurance.com’ Launches First National Insurance Program for Mobile Food Vendors

Mobile food vendors nationwide will soon be able to protect their livelihood with innovative and comprehensive insurance coverage.

Nashville Mobile Market Trailer Robbed

The Nashville Mobile Market was robbed Saturday morning while at the Parks at Hillside stop on its weekend route.

Medical Coverage for Food Truck Entrepreneurs

Of all the fringe benefits you'll give up when you leave a job to start a business, company-sponsored health insurance may be the one you'll remember with the most fondness.

Cailfornia Food Truck Insurance

They are, hot trucks and Mobile Food Preparation Vehicles (MFPV), which allow food to be prepared as customers order, and cold trucks, Industrial...

Food Truck Insurance

Not many agents/brokers write catering truck insurance

Mobile Restaurants Open in Cincinnati Parking Lots

Cincinnati - Monday is a new day for downtown dining in Cincinnati as the city dedicates prime parking spaces to mobile restaurants, for the first time.