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San Diego, CA: Our iPhone App is Coming Soon!

The best way to find and book your favorite San Diego food trucks!

Louisville, KY: WhereTheTrucks.at Launches iPhone Food Trucks App

The app currently is available with information only on Louisville food trucks, providing details about their locations using real-time information submitted by the trucks.

“Off The Rez” Brings Native American Food to Seattle

"It's great late night food," McConnell said.

How America Became a Food Truck Nation

Food and wheels has driven culture in L.A. since at least the 1930s

Tweat.it Provides Food Trucks’ Location Around Manhattan Instantly

Tweat.it can help you follow your favorite trucks

No Cash, Card? No Problem

Why pay with cash or plastic when you can use a smartphone?

Square, the iPhone Credit Card Machine, Goes Mainstream

I started to notice Square doohickeys popping up all along eastern seaboard.

Square Allows Mobile Payment Processing

One Square mobile application, credit card reader to go with it: FREE!

Cooking Channel’s Eat St. Feeds 250,000 Starving iPhone Users

The App, a companion to the Eat St. TV show, directs viewers to the best street food vendors

Device Allows Smartphones to Process Card Transactions

"It's got to be in a truck and I was on a really tight budget," said Stenke, 41, owner of the Klausie's Pizza Truck.