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Memphis, TN: Mobile Juice Bar Hits Memphis Streets

A new food truck is hitting the Memphis streets, except, it's not a food truck at all but a juice bar on wheels.

Boulder, CO: Boulder’s RollinGreens Adds New Food Truck, Cart, Mobile Juice Bar to Fleet

The new food truck and farmers' market cart are in operation and the mobile juice bar — the RollinGreens Juicery scooter — is slated to debut in May, RollinGreens officials said.

New York’s Papaya King on Papaya Supply Difficulties

“When you are the ‘Papaya King,’ you better have papaya,”

Panama City, FL: Jump On The Food Truck Revolution

Kuntz started Raw and Juicy in April 2008 to educate people about what they were eating and to bring the community together.

MIAMI New Food Truck: “Muscle Truck” Hits the Road in February

It's powered by Gables Juice Bar and Protein Pizza, a calorie-controlled favorite on the downtown Coral Gables lunch circuit.