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Kansas, MO: Food trucks and carts finding their place downtown for Big 12 Championship

Food trucks and carts are finding their home downtown for the Big 12 Championship this year.

Kansas, MO: Food Trucks Divide a Missouri Town Looking for Sizzle

This region for years has prized its trendy and innovative side — from the shiny, modern performing arts center that resembles a seashell to the custom homes that look more Malibu than Midwest to the streetcar that is near completion.

Kansas City, MO: Food Truck Brings Healthy, Natural Treats to Pups Across the Metro

We understand that people are embracing local products more and more, and we strive to provide fresh, local ingredients in our homemade treats and to work with respected vendors to offer unique frozen treats and prepackaged items

Kansas City, MO: Ready to Get into the Mobile Food Biz – Be Smart...

MAG Specialty Vehicles (MSV) is a custom manufacturer specializing in food and promotional trucks and trailers. Our core customers are Fortune 500 companies, marketing firms, and small businesses.

Kansas City, MO: Eat well at The Star’s Food Truck Friday

Celebrate the end of summer with some of the best food truck fare on four wheels at The Star’s popular Food Truck Friday. Join us in on Friday, Sept. 6, from 5 to 8 p.m. in the parking lot at 18th and McGee.

Kansas City, MO: MAG Specialty Vehicles (MSV), Invites Customer to KC Production Facility

Seasoned entrepreneurs Duckwall Investment Company tasked MSV with designing, theming, and manufacturing their newest venture, a mobile catering kitchen

Kansas, MO: The Detroit Coney Food Truck Has Legit French Fries

Topped with yellow mustard, a thin chili - existing somewhere on the spectrum between sauce and tailgaiting chili - and raw white onion, it's a multi-napkin affair. In a city starved for hot dogs, it's a welcome addition.

Kansas City, MO: Social Media, Foodies Drive KC Food Trucks’ Success

Food trucks are a bit trendy right now, so we're hoping it will make for a fun and light atmosphere

Kansas, MI: The Star’s Food Truck Friday is Rescheduled for June 7

Earlier this month, bad weather rained out The Star’s Food Truck Friday, a gathering of Kansas City food trucks in the newspaper’s parking lot at 18th and McGee.

Kansas City, MO: Truckily Serves up Food Truck Finder for Foodies, Marketing Tools for...

The Kansas City startup's app—available nationwide—helps foodies find and interact with local food trucks, which have the opportunity to use the app as a location-based marketing tool that can automate social media, send push alerts to app users and create virtual punch cards.