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Columbus, OH: Food Truck Bucket List – Ajumama Food Truck

I’d track down the Ajumama food truck for some grub from the menu they call “Korean street food – fast and sassy

Orange County, CA: Koo’s Catering Truck: Are You Hot for Hotteok?

If you want it fresh, then Koo's Catering Truck is it in OC.

New York, NYC: NY Food Truck Lunch – Kim-Cheesesteak From Kimchi Taco Truck

Korean fusion cuisine is very popular these days, with Korean tacos and burritos gaining a toehold in the lunchtime routines of New Yorkers. Kimchi Taco Truck gave it another twist with their kim-cheesesteak.

Las Vegas, NV: Las Vegas Street Food – Fukuburger Truck

Fukuburger is a destination in itself is a Ranked #19 on The Daily Meal's inaugural 101 Best Food Trucks in America. Be Careful How You Pronounce It!

Seoul, South Korea: South Korea – An Adventure in Street Market Food

From the exotic street food of the Kwangjang Market located in the heart of Seoul to the implausibly fresh seafood of the Jukdo Fish Market in Pohang, even those with the most educated palates will find their imaginations running wild with the varying textures, flavors and temperatures of the fare of this frenetic Asian gem.

St. Louis, MO: No Longer Just a Truck, Seoul Taco Opens Doors

Hungry young locals crammed into a tiny new restaurant location of the popular St. Louis-based food truck, Seoul Taco

Durham, NC: Get Ready for Durham’s Food Truck Rodeo

29 culinary sensations are slated to roll into Durham Central Park

Houston, TX: Nationally Acclaimed Coreano’s Food Truck Has Landed in Houston

Coreano's team already has its sights set on the future.

Veni, Vidi, Vendy

I’m a big fan of street food. Thirty years ago, l drew this.

Truck Patties Made with ‘Lot of Love’ Earn Chef 2011 Vendy Cup for Best...

The city's tastiest food fight hit Governors Island Saturday