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Louisville, KY: Louisville Food Trucks Begin Getting Letter Grades

Food trucks that operate in Louisville are now included in the Department of Public Health and Wellness’ ABC Food Placard Program.

Louisville, KY: Health Dept. Official – Goal is to Introduce Food Truck Letter Grades...

The Louisville Metro Department of Health & Wellness's goal is to introduce letter grades for food trucks by the end of 2013

Louisville, KY: Health Dept. Official – Food Truck Letter Grades ‘Should Be a Reality’

In mid-August, food truck operators and health department representatives met for the second time in the wake of WAVE 3 Troubleshooter (pew pew) Eric Flack's reports about possible health-code concerns involving food trucks.

Louisville, KY: Louisville Restaurant News – Where the Food Truck Vendors Eat

Food trucks, which have been popping up all over town serving everything from barbecue to gourmet burgers, are known for quick, on-the-go food. But where do these mobile vendors go when they want the opposite of street fare — a leisurely, sit-down meal? We talked to some local food truckers to ask what they like to eat when it’s time to stop moving.

Louisville, KY: Next Louisville Food Truck Invasion August 6

The small independent business owners that make up the Louisville Street Food Alliance bring their food trucks to the mayor’s office, Sixth and Jefferson streets, on the first Tuesday of every month from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Louisville, KY: WhereTheTrucks.at Launches iPhone Food Trucks App

The app currently is available with information only on Louisville food trucks, providing details about their locations using real-time information submitted by the trucks.

Lexington, KY: Food Trucks Find A Permanent Place to Park

Made popular on the streets of Lexington as mobile food merchants, a number of Lexington vendors have found a permanent place to park their trucks and sell their food.

Lexington, KY: Lexington’s Food Truck Pilot Program Passes. Unanimously.

Lexington’s proposed food truck pilot program received an amended first and second reading at tonight’s meeting of the Lexington Urban County Council, and was passed unanimously, to applause from inside council chambers.

Lexington, KY: Council Approves Food Trucks Pilot Project

he Urban County Council has unanimously approved a six-month pilot project allowing food trucks to set up in public street parking spaces.

Louisville, KY: White Castle to Test Food Trucks in Louisville

White Castle is testing out a new business concept right here in Louisville