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Chapel Hill: Food Trucks Continue to Stir Debate

The Town Council may allow these trucks to operate in town, but restaurant owners, who believe the trucks compete unfairly with hard-pressed local restaurants, are voicing opposition.

Food Trucks Enhance Brick-and-Mortar Restaurants

Gourmet food trucks, now a common fixture in DC, have started to come to Silver Spring. With them comes many of the same debates, like whether these food options are taking business from restaurants in actual buildings.

Studio City: Improvement Association Agrees to Curb Food Trucks

The group is trying to figure out a way to limit the growing number of food trucks gathering around lunchtime in the Studio City area.

DC Restaurant Owners: Food Trucks Hurt Local Businesses

Local restaurants are upset with the abundance of food trucks doing business in the area, saying the mobile eateries are taking away business from formal restaurants.