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Cincinnati, OH: Food Truck Plans U Square at the Loop Restaurant

The menu at the restaurant will differ slightly from the food truck, with some items taking on a new form.

Syracuse, NY: Syracuse Area Food Trucks Start to Stake Out their Locations

Their offerings include a falafel sandwich, mushroom burger, fried chicken and a burger spiced with harissa, a hot red chili pepper paste from North Africa.

Tallahassee, FL: Food Trucks For Lunch? What A Capital Idea!

What matters here is location, location, location. We’ve got the Capitol behind us, we’ve got session going on and we’ve got a bunch of hungry people

Ithaca, NY: Options for Ithaca’s Food Trucks Could Increase with Roundups

In that way, the food truck association would work with the city to get whatever permit and then we would organize all of the vendors and we would pick up the trash

New Berkeley, CA: New Berkeley Home Found for Displaced Food Trucks

Michael Koh, owner of Dojo Dog, Ann Vu, owner of Healthy Heavenly Foods, and Jack Huynh, owner of Kettle Corn Star, were forced to vacate their previous location near the intersection of Telegraph and Bancroft in December, when construction started.

Calgary, CAN: Food Trucks Get Reserved Parking at City Hall

This location was ideally suited to have food truck activity, daily. So, we’ve initiated a pilot project and we’ll continue the pilot at this location.

Berkeley, CA: New Berkeley Home Found for Displaced Food Tucks

Three food truck vendors who were displaced by UC Berkeley’s construction at Sproul Plaza have been found a new location at the corner of Bancroft and College. According to an announcement from Mayor Tom Bates, the vendors will be able to renew their permits to operate in the new location for an additional two years.

Austin, TX: SXSW Austin Food Truck Guide

South by Southwest starts today, so I thought I’d share some of our food truck favorites for any of you that’ll be passing through town. There are a lota trucks, so I narrowed it down to just the ones we think are the very best…

Berkeley, CA: Help the Food Truck Owners

CITY AFFAIRS: Food trucks that used to set up in front of Sproul Plaza deserve help from the city and campus to find a new location for business.

Dayton, OH: New Food Truck to Celebrate Local Cooking

I really wanted to bring the experiences I gleaned in my travels, with combining the local flavors and things I discovered