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London, UK: New Food Truck Alert – SubPoint

Simple submarine sandwiches - served in freshly baked 9 inch soft rolls - are reinvented with an interesting twist on classic fillings.

London, CAN: Downtown London Food Truck Pilot Project Facing Criticism

A proposed pilot project which would allow food trucks to operate in downtown London is expected to be a hot agenda item when councillors meet for Tuesday’s city council meeting.

London, UK: Food Truck of the Week – The Ice Kitchen

Another reason we can't wait for the weather to warm up is the launch of The Ice Kitchen

London, UK: Street Food Favourite Yum Bun Opens a (Semi) Permanent Space

The signature bun - made with free range Blythburgh pork, slow roasted, gently fried and then topped with hoi sin sauce, cucumbers and spring onions - will be made under a roof for the first time.

London, UK: Cookbooks – The Word on the Street

Street food traders are queueing up to write down their recipes and publish cookbooks. Will the results live up to expectations and inject some life into the genre?

London, UK: 3 Must-Try Italian Food Trucks

Here are 3 must-try food trucks that will take you on a quick and easy trip around Italy without your feet leaving the ground.

London, UK: London Markets – Meet The Makers – The Bowler

The Bowler dishes out tantalizingly tasty meatballs, far removed from the overly salted yet bland balls with gravy slop that are all too common.

London, UK: Food Truck of the Week – Original Fry-Up Material

Original Fry-Up Material is an all-day, on-the-go breakfast truck is where you'll find this incredible MabMuffin - a homemade version of the McDonalds McSausage Muffin

London, UK: UK Street Food Market Dominated by SSP, West Cornwall Pasty and AMT...

For many western travellers, the aroma's, flavours and sheer theatre of food prepared on the roadside provided inspiration for much of the food available on Britain's streets today.