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Fredericton, CAN: Fredericton Restaurants Say Too Many Restrictions When Starting Food Trucks

There was a lot of hoops to jump through to get the trailer to that standard. And I can understand it would be difficult for a lot of new businesses and anyone who wanted to open up a food truck to obtain that license

Birmingham, AL: New Food Truck Aims to Encourage Healthy Eating

The idea of a food truck is popular in Birmingham, especially for the middle-of-the-day, lunch crowd.

Philadelphia, PA: Truck Stop – Poi Dog Snack Shop

Poi Dog plate lunches will set you back around $6 and include an entrée - such as smoky Kalua pork or sweet and savory Shoyu chicken - two scoops of white rice and a side of macaroni salad. There are occasional limited-run entrées; we really dug the special-order Mochi Nori chicken, fried with the classic Japanese rice cake and seaweed.

Bangor, ME: New Lunch Truck Providing Gourmet Eats in Downtown Bangor [video]

The city now has its first lunch truck making its way around downtown but it is not serving your typical foods.

Food Trucks Deliver Customers as well as Venture Spirit

The store sells the ingredients to consumers who want to mimic the recipes sold from the food truck

Jobs on the Menu as Atlanta Council Eases Way for Food Trucks

Atlanta City Council on Tuesday voted 15-0 to establish regulations for food vending trucks.

Point-Of-Sale for Food Trucks – The Bottom Line

Increasing the speed of order taking is where we see a little goes along way.

Gone in 60 Minutes: Pop-up Taco Stand Lures Lunch Crowd

The trend has been slow to catch on in Canada, where complicated bylaws prohibit commercial food vendors from selling their grub.

DC: Macy’s Free Food Truck Makes a Cameo

Food trucks are everywhere in D.C. these days, but one special truck drew quite a crowd Friday.

Chicago, IL: Will Suburbs Eat Up Food Trucks?

Truck owners’ reasons for avoiding the suburbs range from a lack of foot traffic to restrictive municipal rules...........