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St. Cloud: Grub Truck Rolls Out Eats

The Grub Truck started traveling the city’s streets about two weeks ago offering made-to-order tacos and rice bowls three days a week.

UK: How Will London’s Burgeoning Food Truck Scene Measure Up at Its First Festival?

Though they may have Yanks beat in terms of pop-up restaurant popularity, our 'cross the pond friends are only now catching on to the culinary fad that is mobile food.

Downtown Memphis to Host Food Truck Fare

Downtown’s Court Square will host food trucks next week as the Memphis City Council prepares to finalize new laws governing mobile food vendors.

Renton, WA: Bistro Box in North Renton Serves Up Sliders to Pizzetta

Pagarigan and her husband Floyd started Bistro Box in October on Main Avenue, not far from Renton City Hall. They built up a fan base, including denizens from City Hall.

Dallas: Yep, This Food Truck is Cheesy – In a Good Way

Finding the Messy Cheesy Gourmet Food truck is the tricky part. Finding things to like on its menu is a no-brainer, as long as you're not looking for an especially healthy lunch.

Chicago: Brown Bag Truck to Launch Next Week

Introducing, the Brown Bag Truck, a new food truck from Joaquin Soler (who was, a decade back, the sous chef at Rambutan) selling barbecue with a twist.

Stockton, CA: Reinventing Wheel Meals

The latest addition to the food fare line-up at University of the Pacific brings together gourmet dining and convenience for the busy student on the go.

Restaurants, Food Trucks in Turf War

A food fight is breaking out in downtown San Francisco, with a group of restaurants squaring off against an incursion of food trucks that they say pose unfair competition.

Mobile Eatery Makes the Rounds with Dogs & Gumbo

His three-wheeled, banana-yellow vehicle doesn't just get over 40 miles per gallon. The Truck Mobile Eatery also serves up hot dogs and other food from locations around Traverse City and beyond.

NYC: “Feed Your Hole” Food Truck Debuts with Attitude in Midtown

Welcome to the new "Feed Your Hole" food truck, which officially debuted with some serious attitude Friday after a week of mechanical problems and snow-fueled delays.