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Manhattan, KS: Food truck review – Vista Food Truck

The Vista Food Truck offers a range of American food, such as burgers, known as Vistaburgers, chicken strips, corn dogs and french fries.

Manhattan, KS: Students lack vegetarian options at food trucks

Mr. K’s Mobile Kitchen currently serves salad, one of the few vegetarian options available through all of the food trucks.

Manhattan, NY: May 5th: Village Voice Choice Streets Food Truck Event

The Village Voice announces its third round of participants for the fourth annual Choice Streets food truck event on Tuesday, May 5th (Raindate: Friday, May 8th).

Manhattan, NY: Get Free Lobster Rolls at US Open Food Truck

Get a taste of tennis next week when the US Open launches a food truck offering free samples of lobster rolls, sliders and tacos.

Atlantic, NJ: Atlantic City’s Mustache Mobile in Food Truck Finals

Hauke of Atlantic City, will put his Moustache Mobile Cheesesteak Ole up against the pulled pork tacos by chefs Mario Bevilacqua and Catherine Graziosi from What the Fork of Scranton, Pa.

New York, NY: The Food-Truck Business Stinks

The food-truck business, I realized, is a classic case of bureaucratic inertia. The city has a right to weigh the interests of food-market owners (who don’t want food trucks blocking their windows) and diners (who deserve to know that their street meat is edible, and harmless). But many of the rules governing location were written decades ago.

New York, NY: NYSF First Look – Pad Siew from the Mamu Thai Noodle...

Mamu has been serving lunch and dinner in Brooklyn over the past couple of weeks, plus lunch once in Manhattan. Unfortunately, our schedules just didn’t match until yesterday, their second time in Manhattan.

Manhattan, NY: A Bid to Make Peace in the Food Truck Wars

Restaurants are often the first to complain when food trucks move in. But the trucks have also been on shaky legal ground since a judge ruled in 2011 that they cannot idle in metered parking spaces.

New York, NY: FREE Ben & Jerry’s Cones Tomorrow (4/9)

Yes, tomorrow is the happiest day of the year – FREE Cone Day at Ben & Jerry’s

New York, NY: Celebrate Japan Week At Grand Central Station

Ekiben are bento box meals which are specifically sold in railway stations throughout Japan. Ekiben often contain local specialties from the region in which they are sold, and their debut in Japan Week will allow attendees to experience a culinary tour of Japan’s diverse regions.