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Brentwood Culinarian Gets Wheels Turning with Mobile Chef

He prepares and cooks all the meals from raw ingredients on-site

Proposed City of Sheboygan Ordinance Would Limit Activity of Food Trucks

New ordinance could be fined $100 to $1,000 for each offense.


"A lot of people are doing food trucks now," said food blogger and co-organizer Anton Diaz.

Altadena Junction: Altadena’s Food Revolution – Part I

Is Altadena the center of a food revolution?

Atlanta: Road Warrior – Street Food Vendors [video]

Food trucks are changing the way we look at fast food, and they've become a big hit here in Atlanta.

Street Food Trucks

Street food in the US can also be fast, inexpensive, and very good. Not just tacos. I've eaten at great food trucks in San Francisco, Portland, New York.