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Are Food Trucks Missing The Point?

Although the mobile food trend is a great concept, South Florida's scene needs to work out a few kinks.

Jaded Critics Put the Brakes on Food Truck Trend

Now that gourmet food trucks have penetrated the mainstream public, the foodie elite in LA have declared the trend "so over."

Trend Watch: Food Truck Traffic Jam

Builders of food trucks have upped their prices because of demand, and regulations are beating down the spontinaity of exceptional food in an unexpected venue.

A Wrong Turn for L.A.’s Food Truck Scene?

Josh Hiller is fed up. As a partner in RoadStoves, the food truck outfitter that helped launch Kogi into the stratosphere, he thinks L.A.'s rapidly expanding new-wave food truck scene is getting out of hand.

News Flash: Most of Our ‘LA’ Food Trucks Kinda Suck

Roughly twelve months after the general public hit the food truck saturation point, the same people who initiated this so-called "movement" are crying to the L.A.

Are Food Trucks About Something Other Than the Food?

Aviva Shen files a thought-provoking story about why food trucks are drawing so many career-changers. They're are all about branding, she argues, not about the food:

Springfield, IL: Hurry on over to Big Belly BBQ

By Julianne Glatz | IllinoisTimes.com They’re almost impossible to resist: food trucks, or more properly, “mobile food concessions.” Many serve ethnic or regional...

Will Food Trucks Adversely Affect Miami’s Restaurant Biz? Let’s Hope So

How will the success of these mobile food courts affect Miami's brick-and-mortar establishments? In recent weeks hundreds, or perhaps thousands of people have been tweeting about and lining up at food truck courts to grab a dinner comprised of varied street foods.