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Bloomington, IN: Owner of Pili’s Party Taco expands Mexican food scene in Bloomington with...

“My dream was to bring a little bit of where we are from, where I am from, the poblano food to bring to the people,”

Colombia, SC: Columbia food truck to serve breakfast tacos, authentic Mexican food for a...

By Janet Jones Kendall  |  The State A new food truck is heading to Columbia, but its goal isn’t just to serve great food. It...

Hungry in LA? Follow the Gourmet Food Truck Craze…

In a city where restaurants often come with their own valet parking and an obligation to tip, LA's foodie scene is being transformed into an earthier, more accessible experience by the rapid rise of the ‘food truck’.

Innovation: Food Trucks, Raw Meals and Facebook

Watch what they’re serving because shopper requests might soon be coming to your deli department.

Food Trucks in the Driver’s Seat

Mobile food is a trend gaining traction as cultural acceptance grows.

Don’t Panic: Food Truck Dining in LA

However, if you aren’t familiar with LA, picking and finding a truck can be almost as much of a challenge as figuring out how to pronounce Sepulveda (Se-pul-va-da).

Sherman Oaks, CA: Food Trucks Eating Into Our Profits, Local Bistros Say

"The brick-and-mortar places that pay property taxes are at a disadvantage, compared to someone who has pulled up in a truck," said Sherman Oaks Chamber of Commerce President Dr. Robert Cohen.

Food Trucks Draw Crowds of Foodies Near Downtown Orlando

At the first TheDailyCity.com Orlando Food Truck Bizaar, nine trucks serving dishes ranging from simple Mexican tacos to grilled octopus and chickpea salad.

Best Los Angeles Food Trucks: 10 All-Stars on Wheels

Los Angeles has, arguably, the largest fleet of food trucks feeding hipsters and the rest of us from noon until the wee hours of the morning.