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Minneapolis, MN: Gray Duck Mobile Eatery in development

He’s currently testing out the Gray Duck menu at the Uptown VFW, including the tater tot hot dish: house-made stuffed taters with roasted sweet corn, turkey confit and portabella mornay sauce.

Minneapolis, MN: Survey Rates Minneapolis Among Top 10 Best For Food Trucks

The food truck scene is still relatively new in the Twin Cities, but that didn’t stop one survey from ranking our trucks among the nation’s finest curbside eats.

Minneapolis, MN: Mangia, Mangia! Eat, Eat at Vin’s Italian Food Truck

Menu items include meatballs and Italian beef sandwiches—two of the more popular lunch foods—as well as cannolis and parmesan fritters, which are a hit when Vin’s Italian stops by local breweries

Minneapolis, MN: ‘Food Truck Summit’ gives all sides in local food fight chance to...

At issue is a Rochester law banning food trucks from operating on public streets in the downtown area.

Minneapolis, MN: Appetites – A food truck love affair in the Twin Cities

Food trucks seem to come and go with head-spinning regularity around the Twin Cities metropolitan area.

Minneapolis, MN: Food Truck Friday – Smack Shack in Minneapolis

Smack Shack started serving their lobster rolls (using fresh lobster meat from Maine) from a parking lot.

Minneapolis, MN: Rochester – Gasp! – Won’t Allow Food Trucks Downstown

Food trucks have become an integral part of downtown Minneapolis workers' lives. At lunchtime, collared shirts scurry out of skyscrapers for a brief, delicious respite. Not so much in Rochester, though.

Minneapolis, MN: Food Truck Friday – Hibachi Daruma serves sizzling Japanese cuisine

The duo serve the hibachi standard, like chicken, beef and shrimp teriyaki, served with a portion of sizzling fried rice and mixed vegetables.

Minneapolis, MN: Takin’ it to the Streets – New Food Trucks Coming to a...

Soon food truck season begins in earnest. Here are some new additions to our burgeoning mobile foodie scene, which further demonstrate MSP’s evolving restaurant culture, encourage street life and generate community.

Minneapolis, MN: Early Spring Means Business For Food Trucks, Nice Ride Bikes

Late winter days like Thursday aren’t just good for morale. For some locals, the early arrival of spring means more money.