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Minneapolis: Food Trucks Coming to Uptown Soon?

Uptown’s City Council Member Meg Tuthill mentioned that the City will soon consider expanding food trucks and carts to areas outside of Downtown.

Best and Tastiest Food Trucks and Carts in America

The food cart phenomenon is catching on quicker than organic kombucha at an iPad convention. Yeah. Getting food from a cart is not a new premise. However, in recent years these culinary troubadours have really, um, kicked it up a notch.

The Twin Cities’ best new food trucks of 2010

Overall, this past summer was a great for the Twin Cities street food scene. Here are the Hot Dish's favorite new food trucks that debuted last year:

FOOD TRUCKS are the #2 Betty Crocker Red Hot Holiday Trend

The Betty Crocker Red Hot Holiday Trend # 2 is: Street Eats and Tweets. Street food is all the rage and food truck fans use Twitter to make sure they can find these restaurants-on-wheels and get their hands on the cutting-edge flavors they create.