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Minneapolis, MN: Council Limits Could Keep Food Truck From Coming to Hopkins

A Minneapolis food truck operator wants to sell food in front of the Hopkins Tavern. Council members worry that could benefit one business at the expense of others.

Brainerd, MN: Prairie Bay food truck allowed in Nisswa

The restaurant applied for an interim use permit for its mobile food truck for public sales to be located at those two businesses.

Minneapolis, MN: Tin Fish Launching Food Truck

Tin Fish is taking its ice cream on the road, selling all-natural popsicles out of a restored 1958 Grumman Olson Kurb Side van.

Shakopee, MN: Meeting Preview – Food Trucks on Deck in Burnsville, Archaeology in Shakopee

The Burnsville planning commission will consider a draft food truck ordinance, while Shakopee Park & Rec will discuss the results of an archaeological study connected with a proposed park project.

Minneapolis, MN: Food Truck Wars? Minneapolis Brick and Mortar Restaurants Ask Food Trucks to...

Food truck wars, lunch wars, skyway vs. food trucks — the conflict between the brick and mortar restaurants in downtown Minneapolis and the growing population of food trucks has bred plenty of euphemisms, but essentially the situation comes down to a question of turf.

Minneapolis, MN: Bite Of Minnesota – From Trucks to Tables

World Street Kitchen open in my neighborhood. It’s been a treat to run over there for yum yum rice bowls and walk out with multiple desserts. The soft serve is unbelievable! It’s tough to resist chocolate coated almonds, marshmallows and salted caramel.

Minneapolis, MN: Tap Rooms and Food Trucks – A Perfect Match

No money exchanges hands between tap rooms and food trucks. Tap rooms simply extend invitations for certain days and the food trucks come, park, and serve food. This is different from most festivals and events where typically food trucks are charged to vend.

Minneapolis, MN: Council to Consider New Regulation on Food Trucks

Tuesday, the Burnsville City Council will at last consider alterations to local ordinances to accommodate the proliferation of food trucks and other mobile retail.

Minneapolis, MN: Do Food Trucks Hurt Skyway Restaurants? Downtown Food Committee to Address the...

The event flyer lists several bullet-pointed topics that will be covered during the meeting. An open discussion will be held in regard to the amount of business that's allegedly been lost due to the emergence of the trucks, and it another session the committee will forecast what will happen in the coming summer if nothing changes.

Brainerd Country, MN: Brainerd City Council – City Will Seek to Work with Baxter...

Brainerd City Council members turned aside a recommendation to deny food truck operations within the city, voting instead to set up a committee to explore regulations to allow them.