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South Africa: Stand a Chance of Winning a Mobile Kitchen!

Kraft Foods (SA) is running a contest where the prize is a mobile kitchen trailer.

The Ultimate Kitchen Remodel

58 Modern Burner Units, 150 MBU tool kits and 10 food sanitation centers shipped to Afghanistan

A Cooking Contest with a Military Twist

The chefs massaged their Salisbury steak patties, judges walked around with food thermometers clipped to their shirts and supervisors demanded that the wash water be cleaned.

Ft. Lee, VA: Mobile Cooking Competition Leads Into Week of Events Open to Public

The soldiers participating are trained to prepare meals for up to 800 sailors, soldiers or Marines out of the containerized kitchens, a type of mobile kitchen trailer often used in the field.

Father, Son Sell Barbecue on the Go in Iowa Park

The father-and-son combo opened Rafter J Texas BBQ and Cajun Eats in August in an unconventional location — a mobile kitchen trailer.

UCSB Kicks the Tires of a Mobile Kitchen Trailer

Mobile food trucks represent one emerging trend that has the foodservice industry buzzing.

$6000.00 a Month for This Trailer…… Are You Serious?

Mobile Kitchen Food Trailer for lease with NYC Insp. Decal - $6000 (Bronx) We have a fully equipped barely used mobile kitchen trailer...