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Leeds, ME: Eats: Moose’s Mobile Kitchen Brings the Barbecue To You

Moose’s menu also includes roasted corn on the cob. “When you steam corn, the sugar doesn’t caramelize the same way that it does when you roast it,” says Kyllonen. “When you eat corn that’s been roasted it’s sweeter and it’s a beautiful dish to serve.”

Houston, TX: Fraîche Mobile Kitchen

Fraîche Mobile Kitchen showcases locally sourced ingredients. They purchase their pork and lamb through Black Hill Ranch, get their egg supply from Renaissance Chickens, their produce from the local farmers’ market and all bread is baked fresh daily.

Knoxville, TN: Enjoy Gourmet Meals Made in a Mobile Kitchen

When I have a customer who has never tried our food before and they try that first bite and I get to see the look on their face. That's my favorite moment

San Jose, CA: Second Harvest Food Bank Pilots “Nutrition on Wheels”

It was loaned to Second Harvest Food Bank by the Fresno Community Food Bank for three weeks.

Bruster’s Real Ice Cream Joins the Mobile Kitchen Craze

Mobile kitchens are the fastest growing trend in the foodservice industry

Brentwood Culinarian Gets Wheels Turning with Mobile Chef

He prepares and cooks all the meals from raw ingredients on-site

Columbus, OH: Food Trucks

Today’s food truck is nothing like it used to be.

How to Buy a Concession Trailer

Launching successfully into the mobile food trailer business starts with having a solid business plan

Tucson, AZ: A Very Good Idea – The Neighborhood Chef

A wonderful melding of art and cuisine happening in Tucson.

Cooking in a Food Truck

A 30-foot-long “food truck” situated at one end of our rooftop parking deck