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Jackson, MS: Mobile-Food Ordinance Finds Supporters

Whitwell proposed an ordinance allowing mobile-food vendors at the urging of local food retailers eager to carry their goods to high-customer locations.

‘MFVInsurance.com’ Launches First National Insurance Program for Mobile Food Vendors

Mobile food vendors nationwide will soon be able to protect their livelihood with innovative and comprehensive insurance coverage.

Graphic Design Helps Food Trucks Get Attention

“The newer trucks have to come into the market at a higher graphic level. It’s much different than it was when the old-schoolers like Kogi first arrived.”

Former Menlo Park Police Chief & Wife Start Food Truck Business

Jensen, a part-time personal chef and caterer, had set her sights on the latest culinary craze -- food trucks that dish up gourmet cuisine.

Memphis: Court Square Entertains Food Truck Vendors, Customers Awaiting City Council Vote

More than 500 people made their way to Court Square to dine from food trucks and show support for an ordinance before the Memphis City Council that would greatly loosen the restrictions on mobile vendors.

Memphis: Mobile Eateries Get Test Tuesday

Mobile vendors will be set up at Court Square as part of the Center City Commission's Downtown Alive! series and in support of legislation before the Memphis City Council that would greatly expand the possibilities for food-truck businesses in the city.

Downtown Memphis to Host Food Truck Fare

Downtown’s Court Square will host food trucks next week as the Memphis City Council prepares to finalize new laws governing mobile food vendors.

DC: Proliferation of Food Trucks May Prompt Change in Law

The proliferation of food trucks has some D.C. lawmakers considering changes to how these mobile vendors are regulated and taxed. Right now, food trucks are exempted from the city's sales tax.

NYC: Food Trucks Mark Onset of Spring With Turf Wars

Uncle Gussy's owner didn't appreciate the falafel truck's proximity, and threatened its driver with physical violence.

Chapel Hill: Food Trucks Continue to Stir Debate

The Town Council may allow these trucks to operate in town, but restaurant owners, who believe the trucks compete unfairly with hard-pressed local restaurants, are voicing opposition.