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Montgomery, AL: Ordinance to look at giving food trucks mobility

"They are allowed, but they have to have a notarized note from the owner of the parcel where they intend to place the food truck," Wool said. "It has to be on the ground, it can't be in the right of way or on the street. They have to pull it in the lot."

Montgomery, AL: On A Roll opens in downtown food truck

The couple is planning to keep the food truck running 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Tuesday through Friday, and may expand those hours

Montgomery, AL: Food Truck Arrives In Downtown Montgomery In December

The city of Montgomery is bringing in food trucks to enhance the dining experience for people working downtown. The first one will be at the old State House Inn location off Madison Avenue -- that's where it's required to park.

Montgomery, AL: Montgomery Super Suppers Wins Food Truck Competition; Plans to Start Rolling by...

I am very excited to bring something new and delicious to downtown Montgomery

Montgomery, AL: Food Truck Craze Coming to Downtown Mtgy

Food trucks have created a major craze in cities across the country, and now the mobile street vendors are rolling into downtown Montgomery