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Adelaide, AUS: Restaurants Push Food Truck Crackdown

Mobile food vans also weren’t subjected to the same regulatory framework as “bricks and mortar” businesses, and this needed to change.

Baton Rouge, LA: Kolache Kitchen Takes to the Streets with Mobile Food Truck, According...

The Kolache Kitchen food truck, called the Rolling Pin, will offer the same menu as the bricks-and-mortar location, including their pastries known as kolaches, breakfast tacos, empanadas and other options, according to The Daily Reveille.

Niagara Falls, CAN: Owner says Food Trucks Hurting ‘Bricks and Mortar Businesses’

I love the food business. I work seven days a week and I don’t mind competition from other businesses

Knoxville, TN: Food Truck Popularity Growing in Knoxville

A trendy addition to economically progressive cities, gourmet food trucks work by preparing and selling dishes out of vehicles instead of being tethered to the ground as a brick-and-mortar business.

Tonawanda, NY: A Rolling Debate

As the City of Tonawanda prepares for a debate over the best way to regulate the newest eateries on the block, other local municipalities are also considering enacting their own food truck laws.

Andover, MA: Committee Sought for Food Truck Rules

ome of the regulations proposed by the draft bylaw includes: establishing a minimum distance trucks must be from a “brick and mortar” restaurant, if a set number of acceptable operating locations should be established for trucks, and what licenses would be mandatory to operate in town.

Burlington, MA: Clover Food Lab Opens in Burlington

Clover Food Lab, the vegetarian quick-serve concept that started as a food truck, has just opened a brick-and-mortar spot in Burlington. The opening marks the company’s first suburban store and its third location.

Creve Coeur, MO: Food Trucks: All About Location In Creve Coeur

City officials expect to reach out to the business community and the Chamber of Commerce for more feedback about how to regulate food trucks in Creve Coeur.

Arlington, VA: Will Arlington Food Trucks Be Able to Park Longer Than Two Hours...

County officials to consider creation of vending zones that would allow more flexibility.

Dubai, UAE: Krush Burger to Open Location in Dubai

According to a lengthy post on its web page, Krush Burger plans to open a brick-and-mortar location in Dubai.