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Shreveport, LA: SBC’s new food truck preparing to roll

The newest food truck in town will bring a taste of Hawaii to Louisiana.

Birmingham, AL: Old Town Pizza food truck

Old Town Pizza food truck stopped by our studios on Friday for a morning snack.The truck is a full time restaurant; they operate five days a week, dishing up pizzas for lunch and dinner.

Seattle, WA: No power, no problem for food trucks

"The longest line we've ever had," said William Smith, of Delfino's Chicago Style Pizza Food Truck. "We knew something was going on, and we looked out and saw all the power's off."

Spring Hill, TN: Food Truck Fridays begin at three Spring Hill parks come June...

Food truck Fridays will serve dual purposes of opening up more varied options for dining and getting families outdoors and into the city's parks, which is Rine's primary task as recreation manager for the City of Spring Hill.

New York, NY: NYC Food Truck Lunch: Jerk Beef Platter From Caribbean King

The steamed veggies was mostly cabbage, with a few string beans, celery, broccoli and red peppers in there. The veggies were not too soft, and still had some body to them.

San Francisco, CA: Top 5 Food Trucks in San Francisco

For a memorable fusion burrito, this food truck is a solid choice. The samosa and tofu is a crowd favorite, especially if you are looking for vegan fare.

Jackson Township, PA: A Family Food Truck

A local family is hitting the road this summer with their new food truck. It's not delivery, it's mobile.

Napa, CA: Mini market on wheels rolls into Napa

“So basically when it says ‘traditional,’ it’s food from Mexico City. The huaraches (are) from Mexico City.” On the traditional menu, “we don’t have burritos ‘cause burritos are a Mexican-American food,” Atayde said. “We’re trying to avoid that for now.”

Rock Hill, SC: Rock Hill will add Food Truck Fridays make-up date in October

The rains washed out the opening date for Food Truck Fridays last week, but hungry residents won’t miss out on the full slate of festival dates this year.

Los Angeles, CA: Nearly 30 percent of Los Angeles food trucks face sanitation problems,...

Experts say food trucks face unique challenges in order to comply with sanitation standards.