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Duluth, MN: Duluth Mulls Regulations for Growing Food Truck Business

The ordinance City Councilor Emily Larson has introduced would require food trucks not to encroach on traditional bricks-and-mortar restaurants.

Santa Barbara, CA: BizHawk – New Georgia’s Smokehouse Food Truck Making the Rounds

A new food truck is in town, and it’s readily finding a gourmet slow-roasted niche on the South Coast.

National News: Starting A Food Truck Business

Getting one of these mobile kitchens can end up making you a great profit.

Growing Commercial Appliances Niche: Food Trucks Gain Momentum

Some trucks are equipped for complete, gourmet food preparation

Startup Tips From 5 Successful Food Truck Entrepreneurs

Here five innovative food truck entrepreneurs share how they found success.

Panama City, FL: Jump On The Food Truck Revolution

Kuntz started Raw and Juicy in April 2008 to educate people about what they were eating and to bring the community together.

L.A. Food Trucks to Post Letter Grade Inspection Results

Mobile food vendors in Los Angeles will soon be required to post letter grades indicating the results of their most recent inspection under a plan that was given final approval this week by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors.