Tag: Nutella

Montgomery County, MD: La Pearl Waffles Food Truck

La Pearl Waffles serves yummy Sweet Belgian Waffles & toppings such as whip cream, Biscoff, Nutella, fresh cut Strawberries/Bananas, Vanilla/Chocolate ice cream scoop, white powdered sugar and cinnamon-sugar.

Lafayette, IN: Need food now? Emergency Munchie Truck Rolls into Town to Answer Call...

The Emergency Munchie Truck opened Nov. 24, and it is giving the local scene a taste of the national food truck craze.

Brookline, MA: Nine Food Trucks Apply to Brookline Pilot Program

Last Friday was the deadline for food trucks to apply to Brookline’s pilot food truck program.

Track That Truck! Suzy Singh’s Haute Collaboration

Collaborating with the Haute Sausage boys, Suzy Singh brings her over sized, homemade samosas to food truck diners.

Speculoos Slowly Spreading Through L.A.

Some say Speculoos is the new Nutella.

Cream Puffs at the Morsels Bakery Truck

I was surprised to see Morsels Baking Company's Bakery Truck advertising cream puffs.

Hollywood, CA: Grilled Cheese Truck Revives the Gooey Classic

The truck made its name with their signature cheesy mac and rib

Scouting for the Vendy Awards: Brooklyn’s Tasty Street Treats

This one is all about the vendor scouting process. As you may know, many of our final Vendy Award contenders are selected based on popular vote.