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Queens, NY: Police Seek Suspect in Series of Food-Cart Robberies

The robberies all occurred between midnight and 5 a.m

Buffalo, NY: Food Truck Legislation PASSED!

Sets forth how the trucks must behave

Brooklyn, NY: Philly Phlavor Phinds Phans in W’burg

Philly-style sandwiches have been hard to find in Brooklyn

Buffalo, NY: Revised Food Truck Rules Unveiled

No change to the proposed $1,000 annual license fee

Buffalo, NY: Common Council Reviews Food Truck Controversy

Trucks are currently paying, I believe it is, $1300 to park in one spot

Brooklyn, NY: David Burke in Talks to Bring Mini-Food-Trucks to Barclays Center

"We would have a few trucks, and they would drive by with items until they sell out."

Buffalo, NY: ‘Compromise’ Food Truck Regulations Being Drafted

Includes several proposals that food truck operators have sought.

Calling For Restrictions On Food Truck Operators In Buffalo

A never ending saga between some Buffalo restaurant owners and food truck vendors

Amherst, NY: Town Of Amherst Welcomes Food Trucks

The great food truck debate continues here in the queen city.