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The Evolution of Food Safety

Providing safe food free of illness-causing contaminants is a continual challenge for operator

Mega-Soda Ban in New York

The outcry has been deafening.

California’s Bogus War on Food Trucks [video]

Reason contributor Kennedy referred to the bill as “an idiotic piece of nonsense.”

California: AB 1678 Will Not Proceed Further in 2012

California Food Policy Advocates (CFPA) did nothing to reach out to impacted vendors

State of California: Schools vs. Food Trucks

A California bill that would ban them from operating within 1,500 feet of a school is the wrong approach to combating childhood obesity.

Editorial: Novato’s Right to Reject Ban on Food Trucks Near Schools

They have set their sights on the food trucks, whose presence and business make what they call "a mockery" of the school's wellness programs.

Culinary Choice and Freedom: Keep Food Legal!

Keep Food Legal (KFL) is "the first and only nationwide membership organization devoted to culinary freedom," here are some of the organization's principles from its mission statement:

Food Trucks in Boston Get Off to Rocky Start

It was one of the city’s more celebrated initiatives: attract food trucks to Boston by staging a contest for the right to operate on City Hall Plaza.

Jamie Oliver Launching a Big-Ass Food Truck

And more than just a food truck slinging tacos, it's actually a "mobile teaching kitchen." It's designed to "create an immediate, unexpected spectacle" at schools, street fairs, and farmers markets in that it can "push out laterally for events" making room for both an "expo kitchen" and eight separate cooking stations.