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Oklahoma, OK: Food trucks breaking away from H&8th to begin new festival in Oklahoma...

By Lacey Let  |  Kfor.com A popular food truck festival in Oklahoma City brings in about 35,000 people every month and about 30 food trucks. However,...

Oklahoma, OK: Local Food Trucks will Convene for your health on Thursday

In recognition of National Nutrition Month, local food trucks featuring heart-smart fare will convene Thursday on the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center campus near Sacred Valley Park, corner of Stanton L. Young Boulevard and Phillips Avenue.

Oklahoma, OK: These Okies Want to Help you Find Some Meals on Wheels

Dozens of food trucks pack the city streets, but what happens to the gourmet eateries on wheels once the night is over? Josh Delozier and Travis Stephens made finding food trucks as easy as a tap of a button with TruckItOKC. Delozier said they created the app last year with the help of food truck owners to give them what they wanted in an app.

Duncan, OK: Heat Doesn’t Thwart Fun At Duncan Summerfest

Summerfest featured dozens of vendors selling their wares along with an International Festival This is the first time Stefan Halloway from Oklahoma City has brought his food truck to Duncan. He said he travels all over the state to different events selling a wide variety of food.

Oklahoma City, OK: Food Dude Looks Back at 2012’s Success List

A year ago, I posted a list of things I looked forward to and hoped to see in the Oklahoma City food scene in 2012 food scene. So now it's time to review.