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Montclair, NJ: The Green Radish, New Vegan Organic Food Truck, Coming to Montclair

You don’t have to be vegan to enjoy The Green Radish. Rafferty says he strives to appeal to carnivores and vegans alike. One of his favorite Green Radish menu items is a “meaty” black bean burger with jalapeno, cilantro, chipotle mayo and melted onions.

St. Paul, MN: Food Truck Friday – Tiki Tim’s

Tiki Cakes - Crab and shrimp pressed into a patty with garlic, red bell peppers, red and green onions, jalapenos and Parmesan cheese breaded in panko bread crumbs and drizzled with a roasted red bell pepper mayo.

New York, NY: Street Eats – Thai Fried Rice With Sausage From Muay Thai

he Thai sausage was sliced off a hot dog-sized sausage, and fried with onions.

Moneta, VA: Bruno’s GastroTruck – Gourmet ‘Fast’ Food on Wheels

They also have been known to serve up Asian beef bowls, pork belly, lobster fritters, lamb fries, oyster nachos and a sloppy Joe made of Kobe beef and veal, and they’ve never met a tongue-in-cheek name they didn’t like.

Los Angeles, CA: LOOK – Spam, Shortrib Wet Burrito From Kogi BBQ Truck

What we’re looking at is the truck’s shortrib burriro with slices of spam inside, smothered with Kogi Molé, cheese and onions.

Columbus, OH: New Food Trucks 2013 – Dr. Mom’s Tasty Bites

Dr. Mom’s offers tasty and healthy paninis, burgers, and sides all with a Mediterranean flair. Determined to provide customers with “good food prepared in a healthy way”, the Veggie Panini, a large sandwich comprised of nut-free pesto, grilled onions, eggplant, zucchini, roasted red peppers and mozzarella cheese, is indicative of what Dr. Mom stands for.

Los Angeles, CA: The Seoul Sausage Co. Takes a Montreal Classic for a Ride

More K-Town than Quebec, the twice-fried fries are piled high with moist and meaty eight-hour braised short ribs. Avocado-lime crema, gooey pepper jack cheese, and kimchi pickled onions cling to the top. It drips, oozes, and gloms with sweet and sour heat

New York, NY: Street Eats – Matzoh Melt Special from Gorilla Cheese NYC

When we ordered the weekly special as a matzoh melt, the guy taking our order did say “you know there’s bacon in that, right?” And we smiled and said “yep”

Chicago, IL: L’Patron Tacos’ Homemade Tortillas Help Logan Square Taqueria Stand Out

Tacos al pastor feature pork, marinated in guajillo chiles, onions and citrus, plus pineapple.

London, UK: Street Food Favourite Yum Bun Opens a (Semi) Permanent Space

The signature bun - made with free range Blythburgh pork, slow roasted, gently fried and then topped with hoi sin sauce, cucumbers and spring onions - will be made under a roof for the first time.