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Pittsburgh, PA: The Coop Chicken & Waffles food truck owners to open Pittsburgh restaurant

By Kristy Locklin  |  Trib Live Being in a relationship is tough, especially when you’re working together 60 hours a week in an 8-by-10-foot kitchen...

Food on the Move: Roxy’s Grilled Cheese Talks Opening a Food Truck

“We thought a food truck would be a good way to fundraise and build our brand in the most…organic way possible”

Food Trucks: Just a Step on the Way to Restaurant-Hood?

Are your favorite food trucks more than just a rung on the ladder?

The Evolution of Food Trucks

For decades, mobile food in New York meant food carts.

Atlanta, GA: We are Really Community Driven

We will roll out some new items for our new Willy’s Food Truck.

Hungry? Meet The 26-Year-Old Entrepreneur Who’s Helping To Drive The Street Food Movement

The food is cheap, it's made to order, and it's way tastier (and healthier) than the stuff most fast-food joints serve.

DC: Food Trucks Opening Brick and Mortar Restaurants

Owner Farhad Assari commented on ARLNow's blog confirming that he is selling two of his food trucks, Meathead Mobile Eatery and La Gloria Mexicana, to support the new retail location.

This Space for Rent: S.F.’s Off the Grid Rolls Out Pop-Up Food Truck

"It's available for anybody demo-ing an idea," Cohen says, "maybe chefs who are thinking about opening a restaurant, or who are interested in trying out some street-food ideas."

LA: Komodo Food Truck Opens Restaurant in Kosher Corridor

Komodo is the latest food truck (@komodofood) to go brick-and-mortar, opening a fast-casual and takeout restaurant in the heart of the Kosher Corridor.

Have We Reached Gridlock? Matt Cohen On Food Trucks in 2011

The street food scene has exploded in the last two years, with a new food truck being born every day. But just how far this trend can go? Is it sustainable? Are we witnessing gridlock?