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Memphis, TN: Pop’s Smokehouse BBQ Comes in a Sandwich or a Cup!

Although the fitted round lid teased ice cream, the cup’s ingredients were savory not sweet. Baked beans filled the bottom quarter of the cup, and cheese sauce came next, followed by pulled pork, barbecue sauce and more cheese sauce. A healthy scoop of cole slaw or potato salad crowned the glorious concoction.

Kansas City, MO: Social Media, Foodies Drive KC Food Trucks’ Success

Food trucks are a bit trendy right now, so we're hoping it will make for a fun and light atmosphere

Phoenix, AZ: Phoenix Street Food Coalition Offers Food Trucks A Chance to Network Locally

The coalition’s main goal is to bring food vendors, local businesses and the community together and to shed light on how street food can help cities and local businesses.

Denver CO: Food Truck Serves up Message About Giving

The Bistro Colorado food truck will never be able to sneak up on anyone. The flavorful aroma of gourmet food being cooked inside the truck signals its presence in a neighborhood.

Chicago, IL: Salvation Army Food Truck Back on the Street After Dustup with Alderman

A Salvation Army food truck returned to its usual spot near the lakefront Monday, the mobile outreach unit's first visit to Uptown since this past weekend's controversy over whether it should continue to serve the neighborhood's needy.

Cincinnati, OH: Local Food Trucks Form Association

The Cincinnati Food Truck Association (CFTA) is a non-profit organization made up of small businesses that own and operate premium food trucks and trailers in Cincinnati focused on innovation in hospitality, high quality food, and community development, according to its news release.

National News: Get The Amazing NY Food Trucks 2013 Calendar

It was a disappointment to Lake Highlands Branding Committee, a volunteer group who partnered with U.S. Food Trucks to host theLH Good Eats food truck event as a fundraiser to support the community branding initiative and to bring the community together.

Monrovia,CA: Food Truck Lawsuit Costs City $215,000

City to pay the organization $75,000 in attorneys fees

Greensboro, NC: Food Vendor Rules in Downtown Greensboro

Food Trucks, the city won’t let them set up shop, except for special events.